Cunningham Jewellers

  • Project took 2 months from January to February 16

  • Website built using WordPress

A portal for tourists to Northern Ireland enabling them to search for Tourist Guides and Tourist Attractions.

table59 worked with the management team at Tour Guides NI to produce a visually stunning and highly functional online facility for tourists to Northern Ireland.  The objective was simple – to match tourists with tourist guides.

This was achieved through the construction of a comprehensive search facility allowing tourists to search by location, tour type and language, as well as by keyword.  The results are displayed in random order and provide a full and detailed description of the Tour Guide together with contact details.

Whilst this site does not currently include an e-Commerce focus, it demonstrates the strength of design and the ease with which complex functionality is provided to the visitor.

The site has been registered with major search engines and optimised for specific keywords.  Various social media channels have been adopted and links made with major government organisations.