We Lead the Way in Solicitor Web Design

With over 30 years experience within its team, table59 offers an experienced and trusted service to its clients throughout the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Not least amongst this experience is our Online Marketing knowledge of the Professional Services sector, including Solicitor Web Design.

Here is our list of top “Dos and Don’ts” for the sector based on years of experience:

  • Simple is Best:  Your website is a tool to generate leads for your business, period.  That means that its only objective is to encourage visitors to it to make contact by phone, email or through a Contact Form.  These are your website’s “Calls to Action”.  We also recommend Facebook, but I’ll come to that in a moment.
  • Make your Calls to Action easy to find:  Make sure your phone number, email address, physical address and Contact Form are easily visible on every page.   Don’t hide them away somewhere making them hard to find.
  • Split your services into separate web pages:  This is important as Google ranks each web page differently based on the content of that page.
  • Sign up for Google Places:  A free and very powerful marketing service provided by Google to reach out to local customers.
  • Write a Blog:  Blogs on a relevant topic provide a reason for visitors to come back to your website.
  • Create a Facebook Page:  Put simply, Facebook is a referral mechanism for businesses and therefore cannot be ignored.
  • Mobile is the Future:  By this time next year more people will browse the Internet on their mobile phone than using a desktop computer.   Make sure your website can be viewed on a mobile device.

We would like to help you to implement the “Dos” and avoid the “Don’ts” so contact us for a free consultation.