• Connect & Engage

We believe that people like to work with people they know.  table59 Engage connects professional organisations with its Existing Clients, Personal Networks and their Referrals.

We achieve this by clever use of communications technologies – a carefully combined mixture of e-Mail, Social Media and Web Search based on years of experience of what works.

table59 Engage is built on the premise that there should be enough business in existing clients, personal networks and referrals for a very successful Financial Adviser business.

The problem is that most Financial Advisers find it difficult and simply too time-consuming to keep in touch with existing clients and their personal networks.

Their clients and networks may then purchase their financial product elsewhere. Remember, large financial institutions spend millions on advertising campaigns.

However, people prefer to purchase from people they trust and know. Large financial institutions are not trusted to the same extent anymore.

We overcome the difficulties associated with keeping in touch and extending those connections. And we do it for you, saving time.

“We increased Connections by 1,200% over 12 months and Engaged over 52,000 people”

“We now have over 40 advisers using table59 Engage to connect with their networks and engage to drive new business”


We build connections with existing clients, personal networks and their referrals.

This means data crunching and mastering modern technology so you don’t have to.


A connection is only worthwhile if it’s used to engage with a meaningful message.   Our objective is to remain in the consciousness of our Connections to be ready when they are to make a financial decision.

That’s why we create a calendar of compliant messages to our Connections via the most appropriate online channels.


Our bespoke table59 Web Dashboard provides a real-time view of how many Connections we have created and how well we are Engaging with them.

Measurement is vital – it allows us to learn from our past campaigns so we continually improve.   We have many years’ experience to draw on already,