About Us

table59 was established by Stuart McLean in 2013.  Over 20 years’ experience in Internet marketing has afforded an overview of technical developments, including the emergence of email and basic websites through to the growth of mobile technology and eCommerce platforms.

Our key focus is on web analytics, and specifically on building measurement systems that allow clients to make informed business decisions.  This originates from a passion for the underlying technology and a clear requirement amongst clients to better grasp web analytics.  It has become clear that while most businesses are committed to running online marketing campaigns, they lack comprehensive systems and procedures to measure their value.

We have constructed web marketing dashboards for over 100 businesses to date.  Our dashboards collect data from most online channels including Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-Mail marketing systems, Google Search Console, Google Ads and many more.  Critically, our dashboard combines the data from these sources into a meaningful report which can be understood by the management team.

Our clients are both the end-business and agencies.  Our work with agencies involves a full white-labelling of the dashboard and all discussions with their clients are subject to our non-disclosure agreement.

We seek to harness the complicated technical world of web analytics for the benefit of our clients.