Add your Tracking Code

Once you have decided which conversions make sense for your business, it is time to add the appropriate tracking code. This step is where it can get very technical, which causes many businesses to make mistakes. To accurately track customer behaviour on your online channels, it is important to get this right.  

Your business conversions happen in various places. They happen on your website, on your Facebook Page, on your e-Zine and your Pay Per Click channels.  

Website Conversions

Most of your online traffic will land on your website. This is where they will buy and complete a contact form. It is also where they will click-to-call or click-to-email. They will engage via your Live Chat feature. Visitors will also subscribe to your e-Zine and download your brochure. All of these conversions need to be tracked. Off-the-shelf platforms like WordPress or Magento make installing the code easier. However, you will likely need some assistance from a techie.  

Pay Per Click Channel Conversions

Google Ads and Facebook Ads allow customers to convert directly from the ad. This might be through a click-to-call or lead generation form. In any case, these conversions need to be tracked. However, most conversions will happen on your website; therefore you need to install the appropriate ads conversion tracking code and link the channel with Google Analytics.  

e-Zine Conversions

It is important to track several important metrics related to e-Zine campaigns. These include the number of successful deliveries, open rates and click rates. Most professional email marketing systems like MailChimp provide this as standard. However, it is important to link your email system with Google Analytics so that you can track the entire customer journey from your campaign.  

Our team specialises in building and installing the tracking systems required to measure your conversions. We do this on all channels independent of their source code. We keep up-to-date on changes in the tracking landscape. We stand ready to help you with your technical configuration.