Interpret and Improve

This final step is ultimately what makes this process worthwhile.  It’s where your business draws meaningful conclusions from the campaigns that have been delivered, thus building a lead generation machine.

Armed with your conversions measured within your dashboard, you will soon be able to draw proper conclusions.  You will for example be able to see which channels are driving conversions.  You will identify important metrics like cost per conversion for each of your pay per click advertising campaigns.  You will determine if you are in fact generating value for your investment.

Having implemented a large number of projects we have a strong understanding of what channels work best for businesses in most sectors.  We have experience in delivering campaigns using these channels that optimise conversions.  This means that your early campaigns will not be from a standing start.   However, each business is unique and their campaigns will therefore be unique.  Over time, the objective will be to generate a blueprint of campaigns which work for your business and to tweak these to optimise conversions.

Our team stand ready to advise you on how best to interpret and improve your campaigns, based on evidence from your dashboard.