Build your Business Conversions

Deciding on your business conversions is probably the most important step in the marketing process.  How can you realistically administer successful online marketing campaigns if you don’t have clear conversions?

This strangely is the step that most businesses gloss over.  Why?  Because it is generally felt that your conversions are obvious.  They will be “online sales” for e-Commerce businesses and “leads” for everyone else.  Right?  In reality however a customer rarely converts to a sale or a lead immediately.  They will likely take time to understand the product or service, leave the website and return on more than one occasion.  

It is therefore important to carefully consider the full customer journey.  This means understanding what mini business conversions lead up to the final conversion.  And this can be more complex and can take some time to fully understand. 

For example, you might find that a customer needs to download a brochure before completing a contact form.  Perhaps they might want to sample your content via your e-Zine before engaging.  Whatever their journey, you need to understand the mini-conversions that lead up to the end business conversion.  This customer behaviour then needs to be tracked, reported and interpreted.  If this is done correctly it serves to build a lead generation model which offers predictability to the business – something that all businesses really want!

We are able to plan and build your online channels directly and with trusted partners.

We have helped hundreds of businesses to build their business conversions.  We understand the need to measure what’s important.  And of course, this experience is reusable for new clients.  Why not contact us to find out how we can help your business?