Make the Most from your Keywords

In last week's blog I explained how to build your keyword list - i.e. the words and phrases that Google will use to rank your website. We reviewed the process of determining which keywords to choose based on the Google Keyword Tool, which tells us how many people have searched for those phrases. Missed last week's blog? - no problem - click here to read it. So you followed the instructions from last week's blog and you have your list of keywords - now let's look at how to use them to maximum effect on your website and elsewhere.

Deciding What’s Important to Measure

This article explores the universal truth that "What Gets Measured Gets Done". For a business owner it is incredibly important to ensure that you are measuring the correct metrics. Let's take a look at what we believe are the most important metrics for your online marketing efforts and stop wasting time and money measuring the wrong outcomes.

e-Commerce Pitfalls and Solutions

Are you running an online store, accepting payments for products (or services) on display? There couldn’t be a better time to give it a go – low overheads, no staff required and the online store is open 24/7. This is a perfect business model requiring the minimum of work – pick the right product and the rest is practically automatic – right? Of course, the reality is somewhat different to the model. Yes, there are the massive opportunities in selling online, but neglecting some basic business principles will cause your store to fail every time.
Financial advisor marketing

Top Five Online Tips for Financial Advisor Marketing

Referrals are the key to Financial Advisor Marketing - it’s always been that way.  One happy client tells their brother, uncle, neighbour or friend.  The problem is that referrals aren’t just delivered via word of mouth any more.  Clients use their mobile devices and computers to spread the word.  How can financial advisors adapt to this new world of referrals?   Particularly if said financial advisor has little or no knowledge of this new-fangled technology.  Here are the 5 steps for financial advisors (of any technological disposition) to make the most of this opportunity and to avoid losing out.

Put your Phone Number on your Website

This week I had the great pleasure of taking some time off to attend a friend's wedding in Donegal. It gave me and the family a chance to enjoy the fantastic weather AND a great chance to use my mobile to search for local things to do. Here is a summary of some of the good and the bad practices I came across with best practice tips.