A Quick Guide to Adding Conversion Tracking to your Website

So you’ve spent time and money driving visitors to your website, but the job is only partly done. You need to turn them into customers. This article reviews the conversions that you need to track and how to add the code.

Deciding What’s Important to Measure

This article explores the universal truth that "What Gets Measured Gets Done". For a business owner it is incredibly important to ensure that you are measuring the correct metrics. Let's take a look at what we believe are the most important metrics for your online marketing efforts and stop wasting time and money measuring the wrong outcomes.
Financial advisor marketing

Top Five Online Tips for Financial Advisor Marketing

Referrals are the key to Financial Advisor Marketing - it’s always been that way.  One happy client tells their brother, uncle, neighbour or friend.  The problem is that referrals aren’t just delivered via word of mouth any more.  Clients use their mobile devices and computers to spread the word.  How can financial advisors adapt to this new world of referrals?   Particularly if said financial advisor has little or no knowledge of this new-fangled technology.  Here are the 5 steps for financial advisors (of any technological disposition) to make the most of this opportunity and to avoid losing out.

Invest in Your email

Everyone understands email, right? Email is simple to set up, to manage and of course we use it every day. For a business, email is not just handy; it's fundamental. The fact of the matter however is that business email is different from personal email and can be quite difficult to set up and manage. And that of course is a potential problem because without email, many of us couldn't run our businesses effectively. So what makes business email different from personal email and what are the challenges? The answer to that lies in your domain name (website address). It is widely recognised that your business email address should include your domain name. My email address is stuartm@table59.co.uk for example. Personal email addresses like a Hotmail address can seem less professional.

e-Commerce Pitfalls and Solutions

Are you running an online store, accepting payments for products (or services) on display? There couldn’t be a better time to give it a go – low overheads, no staff required and the online store is open 24/7. This is a perfect business model requiring the minimum of work – pick the right product and the rest is practically automatic – right? Of course, the reality is somewhat different to the model. Yes, there are the massive opportunities in selling online, but neglecting some basic business principles will cause your store to fail every time.