The Keyword Challenge

Do you think that it is important to market your business online? I suppose the real question is, “do you believe that you don’t need to?”. If you are in the latter category then you can be convinced otherwise by asking if your clients search for products and services using the Internet. Of course they do, which is why you need to read this article. Marketing online means Google. Sure there are many other Search Engines out there, but most people use Google, so let’s focus on that. Of course acceptance that Google may be a source of new business is one thing; actually making that happen is another. This article explains the basic steps to understanding how Google can be made to work for your business.

The 3 Most Important Marketing Metrics to Track for your Business

Make sure you are measuring the most important online marketing metrics. This seems like an obvious statement; however, most businesses are drowning in data and forget to prioritise the most important things. This article reviews the most important metrics for a business - these are the metrics that need to be dashboarded.

Do Businesses Really Make Money On Twitter?

Using Twitter is a great way of promoting your business. Depending on your business model, you might use Twitter to conduct customer service, see what your competitors are up to, or promote your brand. But more and more of our clients are…

A Quick Guide to Adding Conversion Tracking to your Website

So you’ve spent time and money driving visitors to your website, but the job is only partly done. You need to turn them into customers. This article reviews the conversions that you need to track and how to add the code.

I’m a Tourist Guide. Why should I bother to Market Online?

This morning table59 answered this question for brand new tour guides starting off in the sector. The Northern Ireland Tourist Guide Association (NITGA) invited table59 to share some practical tips with the attendees. Stuart McLean from table59 first of all highlighted why online marketing was really important for tour guides before picking out three practical and straight forward steps they should take.